Upcoming Events

It’s been a slow, quiet time in Covid-19 world. Ever since we cancelled our
double book launch back in May we’ve been mostly on The Branch—Joe, as
always, productive, having done several audiobooks and moving on to work on a
new novel. As for me, I’ve been sluggish and unmotivated to do much creating,
preferring to stick to the pandemic pastimes of cleaning, sorting, culling, and all
things culinary (okay, cooking, done well, IS creative). That is fixing to change,
though, with the official launch of our website, a blog, and more. Enough dipping
of toes and tentative clicks and reticent re-cons. Hell has frozen over. I’m joining
in on the 21 st century. Stand by . . .

Saturday, March 14th, 4:00-7:00 pm


Double book launch for Joe Formichella’s novel, LUMPERS, LONGNECKS, AND ONE-EYED JACKS: A 70s Recipe for a Rainy Day


Suzanne Hudson’s THE FALL OF THE NIXON ADMINISTRATION (a comic novel)

Page & Palette’ Book Cellar

With Blue Bicycle (performing some 70s tunes, and more)

Featuring political cartoonist and Nixon cover artist JD Crowe


EVENT CANCELED: The double book launch for 3/14 at Page & Palette has been cancelled out of an abundance of caution (my 90 year old mother lives with us). You’ll have to wait a while to meet these crazy characters—but in the meantime, we’ll get books to P&P. Hope you’ll check them out, as in, BUY! Thanks! Wash those hands!

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